If hard days at work are regular, then you totally need workwear that can make working easier. And by easier, we mean workwear that gives you the right comfort and protection while you do your job, so that you are not marred by the distraction of discomfort or the worry of not being protected! It is a proven fact that the workwear we choose has a direct impact on our confidence and how we feel about ourselves, to our performance at work. This is even more important for tradies like you, who need to slog it out for long hours, come rain or shine. It becomes not just an option, but an essential aspect that can contribute to your efficiency.

Having been in this business since 1980 and growing stronger, we know what makes good workwear work. We are experts in making workwear that is comfortable and provides the protection needed in tough work environments, and have narrowed down the three absolute basics that you must consider in your workwear.

The Fabric

Using the right fabric can go a long way in providing great protection, without compromising on comfort. For instance, if your job entails extreme range of motion, then the fabric needs to be light-wearing and breathable. At Tuffa Workwear, we invest a lot of time in fabric research even today, and have always been at the forefront of using our technical know-how to add more comfort into a hard tradie workday – in the form of reinforcement and coated fabrics, additional linings where needed and so on.

The Functionality

How well does your workwear work for you? This is question that we constantly ask ourselves, with the aim to add more features and functionality to your everyday. With unique stretch fabric, ingenious utility pockets, reinforcements and triple stitching and the possibility of having more add-ons as needed, we are confident that once you slip on a Tuffa, you are geared for anything that comes your way.

The Fit

This is another extremely essential aspect of comfort. How well your clothes fit you can greatly impact your performance and productivity. You do not want to spend long hours doing arduous tasks in ill-fitting clothes or boots, or run the risk of loose clothes getting caught in machinery. The right fit would be a perfect combination of workwear that allow you the flexibility you want, yet stay close to your body.

Explore our online shop for a range of totally amazing workwear options for the everyday tradie in Melbourne. We also cater to customization requests through excellent embroidery and screen printing services for workwear. Call us today!