Get Hi Vis Workwear Online At Tuffa Shop

Did you know good ol’ American Bob Switzer invented Hi Vis workwear? He was an American whose ambitions of becoming a doctor, unfortunately, got cut as he was injured on a work site and while recovering, he developed fluorescent paint to fashion the first piece of clothing introducing hi-visibility clothing back in the 1930s.

We have come quite far since those days and our fabrics have become more technical with reflective tape added to our garments.

Our Range of Hi Vis Workwear

Tuffa Shop offers a wide range of hi-vis workwear online; some of the items we carry are polos, hoodies, vests and more… one thing to know is if we don’t have it, you can just ask and we can source it. We have you covered from summer to winter with our great 6 in 1 jacket. Our 6 in 1 jacket offers a vest with zip off sleeves that is reversible, one side is reflective and the other polar fleece is for extra warmth, finally fitted with a waterproof out shell for the jacket with reflective tape. Did you know our reflective tapes can be attached to our BXS range of pants without damaging the knee pads pockets?

What Makes Tuffa Shop’s Hi vis workwear a Must-Have for Tradies?

Why wear Hi-visibility workwear? It is critical so that the tradies can be seen by other workers in low light especially when using machinery and driving or moving forklifts and heavy vehicles. Most tradies wear hi-visibility yellow or orange and you can find these in a combo with navy too. We also offer a reflective taped version of most of our garments making then extremely visible to anyone. Hi Vis workwear clothing is required to meet Australian and New Zealand Hi-Visibility Standards AS/NZS 4602.1.2011 and AS/NZS 1906.4.2010 concerning garments for high-risk applications.

Whilst Hi-Vis Workwear is a key component of PPE in the workplace, it is also used more and more throughout the leisure and sports industry by cyclists, runners, walkers and hikers, referees etc.

PPE is equipment that will protect workers against health or safety risks on the job. The purpose is to reduce employee exposure to hazards when engineering and administrative controls are not feasible or effective to reduce these risks to acceptable levels. It's critical that workers be seen when working in road construction sites and alongside traffic to prevent “struck-by” accidents. The human eye responds best to large, contrasting, bright or moving objects. Workers’ visibility is enhanced by high colour contrast between clothing and the work environment they are working in.

You can now shop all your PPE hi vis workwear online at Tuffa Shop or come visit our store if you are a local.